• End Your Search and Start Your Career as a Successful Model at Model Factory Hong Kong


    Have you always had a dream of becoming a model or would you like to become a model? The Hong Kong-based model agency Modelfactory is now looking for female and male models. Search for the agency and start your career as a successful model at Hong Kong's oldest private Model agency!

    Owner Gary Chung has a yoga education and has worked as a model for years. This allows Model Factory to provide the right guidance in the area of personal development and in matters such as external care and attitude towards clients. By applying targeted coaching, models are easier to maintain in a world where sometimes it can all go very fast and it can be a challenge to stay with yourself.

    In collaboration with various parties, Model Factory can help with the finance, tax and legal affairs of the model. They work together with a catwalk and expression coach, personal trainers and nutrition consultants, so that the models develop the right skills, meet the right dimensions in a responsible manner and at the same time remain healthy.

    Hong Kong’s first model agency

    Modelfactory has been operating since 2001 and the centrally located Hong Kong-based agency is owned and operated by Gary Chung. Together with their model bookkeepers, they have collaborative partners throughout Hong Kong and major parts of the world. Model Factory are among the elite of model agencies in Hong Kong.

    Work as a model both nationally and internationally

    The model world constantly needs new faces. If you have a dream of becoming a model, your time can be inside! Modelfactory is looking for new people with an endeavor to work for the big fashion stores both nationally and internationally.

    Both girls and boys

    If you are a girl between 14 and 25 minimum 170 cm long or guy between 17 and 30 minimum 180 cm long, you can today apply for the Model agency by submitting a picture of yourself and include information about your age, length and your contact details.

    In recent years, Gary Chung has seen a progressive increase in the length of the model career and explains that the age is still relatively low when starting but that the youngest only do youth-adapting jobs where they learn about the industry and how to handle it. In this way, the model comes in smoother in the industry and learns to stand in front of the camera, work with photographers and customers.

    Do you have what it takes?

    The competition in the model loop is high and today the importance of promoting itself is greater than before by, for example, being seen in today's media society - in the right way, at the right times and in the right place.

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