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    Have you always had a dream of becoming a model or would you like to become a model? The Hong Kong-based model agency Modelfactory is now looking for female and male models. Search for the agency and start your career as a successful model at Hong Kong's oldest private Model agency!

    Owner Gary Chung has a yoga education and has worked as a model for years. This allows Model Factory to provide the right guidance in the area of personal development and in matters such as external care and attitude towards clients. By applying targeted coaching, models are easier to maintain in a world where sometimes it can all go very fast and it can be a challenge to stay with yourself.

    In collaboration with various parties, Model Factory can help with the finance, tax and legal affairs of the model. They work together with a catwalk and expression coach, personal trainers and nutrition consultants, so that the models develop the right skills, meet the right dimensions in a responsible manner and at the same time remain healthy.

    Hong Kong’s first model agency

    Modelfactory has been operating since 2001 and the centrally located Hong Kong-based agency is owned and operated by Gary Chung. Together with their model bookkeepers, they have collaborative partners throughout Hong Kong and major parts of the world. Model Factory are among the elite of model agencies in Hong Kong.

    Work as a model both nationally and internationally

    The model world constantly needs new faces. If you have a dream of becoming a model, your time can be inside! Modelfactory is looking for new people with an endeavor to work for the big fashion stores both nationally and internationally.

    Both girls and boys

    If you are a girl between 14 and 25 minimum 170 cm long or guy between 17 and 30 minimum 180 cm long, you can today apply for the Model agency by submitting a picture of yourself and include information about your age, length and your contact details.

    In recent years, Gary Chung has seen a progressive increase in the length of the model career and explains that the age is still relatively low when starting but that the youngest only do youth-adapting jobs where they learn about the industry and how to handle it. In this way, the model comes in smoother in the industry and learns to stand in front of the camera, work with photographers and customers.

    Do you have what it takes?

    The competition in the model loop is high and today the importance of promoting itself is greater than before by, for example, being seen in today's media society - in the right way, at the right times and in the right place.

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  • Discover How to Become Rich, Famous and Successful With a Modeling Career

    However, the way to become rich, famous and successful in modeling is not for everyone. In ancient times, you have to be extra lean to become a rich and famous model. Today, however, there are many more modeling pathways that attract many looks and body types.

    You may have looked at a fashion magazine and had a good picture of which model is. To get a good look at the modeling requirements, you might want to capture an episode of Hong Kong Next Top Model. Most models on the TV server are high end models, but you may want to enter another type of modeling as a plus size. Modeling is everywhere we go and look. Only you know what type of model you can be, but be truthful with yourself.

    Before you jump in to run a modeling career, make sure you do it for the right reason. If not, you will suspect yourself and will not do it where you want. If you think modeling is a good way to jump start your song or acting career, you think about it again best. All the top modeling professionals frown on people like this every day. To become rich, famous and successful in a modeling career, you need to be passionate and passionate.

    If you are a man you must go outside your shell to succeed. You see more female models than you do male models. Don't let this get you down by believing you have to show big muscles. Modeling has gone through many changes since the early days. Over time, new genres, styles and looks have been added with even more on the way. You may just have the new style of consumers trying to find.

    To succeed in a career for modeling, you need a high level of self-confidence and ambition. Whether you are a woman, a man or what your body type is. When you go into modeling, you have to work extra hard to be transformed into a popular well-known face. Be careful not to make contact with an agency that does not treat or handle its customers honestly and respectfully. Every good Model agency doesn't need you to give them money. They will make money when you land your first modeling play.

    When you find open conversations, make sure you go and don't talk yourself, no matter what you think. Just do it. You see an open conversation is as good as open houses where interested models are invited to be interviewed. You have to dress in clothes that show your body type and characteristics. You will also want to choose a trendy outfit. This is your chance to prove yourself to Model agency representatives. You will not endure them if you only wear your regular daily clothes. To become famous, you must act as your famous to become rich, famous and successful in modeling.

    Contact us: https://www.modelfactory.com.hk/index.php

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  • Modelfactory's Casting and Model Agency

    Are you looking for a face for your product, for a billboard, or would you like to shoot a magazine or promotional fashion?

    Model factory production team will provide all the necessary issues to capture the campaign. We will choose the most suitable model or model for you, recommend a suitable location, and provide a visage artist, stylist and requisite props.

    Our prime features:-

    ·         Modeling and casting agency Model Factory

    The prestigious Hong Kong Model agency specializes in modeling courses for beginner models and models. We fully provide shows, promotions, hostesses and fashion models at various events, campaigns, photographers, production of your events tailored to your needs. Experience and overview in the industry are a guarantee of the quality of the agency's services.


    ·         Modeling and event agency Model Factory

    We are a Model agency based in Hong Kong since 2001.We organize attractive modeling courses for beginners and models from 12 to 20 years of age. We emphasize not only appearance, but overall emulation and performance.

    Here you will find an individual approach and a friendly atmosphere and you will always take away extras. Our lecturers are professionals in their field.

    ·         Each of our customers is unique. We teach her how to wake up love for oneself and build a healthy self-esteem.

    ·         We have our own experience in the field and are happy to pass on. We put our maximum on our courses.

    ·         We are saying a human and friendly, yet professional approach.

    ·         From our course you will take photos to the book and you will experience a real fashion show with everything!

    ·         The Modelfactory modeling course can be used by anyone who wants it.

    We also provide fashion shows, promotions, gala dinners and other events, or we will provide you with hostesses or models for your event. We will take care of the production of your photo camp, with the models and models we take on the book. We offer Chinese events.

    We are transparent and all of our clients, whether they are small entrepreneurs or national firms, have the same conditions and an equally approachable approach.

    For further information kindly visit us https://www.modelfactory.com.hk/index.php

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  • The modeling and advertising agency Model Factory has been operating in Hong Kong since many years. The director of the agency also acts as a fashion photographer at the agency. The work team consists of professionals who have good experience in modeling and advertising. Our interest focuses primarily on discovering the distinctive new face of future models and current models. We offer agency work at home and abroad.

    We provide and offer:

    • Scouting

    • Models and models

    • Photo studio, fashion and art photographer

    • Make-up and hair styling

    • Special modeling courses and preparation for photomodelling for beginners and advanced

    • Castings for foreign modeling agencies

    • Cooperation with young designers

    • Fashion sightseeing

    • Advertising photo

    • Video documentation, graphic processing, printing (calendars, catalogs, posters)

    Our Model agency organized various contest in the past years. The models from our agency were placed as finalists of Miss Beauty contest and work in foreign modeling agencies.

    We also provide:

    Photography For Various Purposes: wedding photos, ribbons, portraits, children's art photos.

    Professional Photographs including visas and the provision of fashion clothing.

    Photographers - school of posing, teaching how to show individual models, preparing girls on the model track and photomodels.

    Our Model agency is focused on fashion photography and we have the ability to promote you in TV advertising. In particular, we work with photos. Based on the photos, we offer you various applications. We have posted professional photos on our website. So if you have photos, send us an amateur, write the registration form.

    Our prime focus is to show the diversity in our models, and to celebrate the individuality of each and every model we have. At Model factory, we believe that production is not just about executing a 'to-do' list, but it is about correctly interpreting the creative brief and combining all the tiny and major elements of production to create the best possible experience and end result.

    If you need the professional photos kindly Visit us: www.modelfactory.com.hk

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  • Model Factory is the World’s Leading Model Management and Talent Discovery Network

    MODEL FACTORY Management is a leading Hong Kong modeling agency founded in 2001 by Hong Kong, who has discovered and brought to the modeling world many Hong Kong models and other models.

    Thanks to the professional and individual approach to all faces, their families and clients, the Model Agency has secured a strong position both on the domestic and international modeling market. Her faces regularly appear on the pages of prestigious fashion magazines, world fashion shows of the world's most famous brands and, last but not least, in campaigns and television commercials.

    Model Factory is the world’s leading model management and talent discovery network, with a presence that spans across the globe.

    As leaders in the discovery of new talent, Model Factory has organized the largest model search of its kind for over three decades. Annually, the Model Factory Model Look contest attracts thousands of participants from all over the globe, ensuring the network's legacy of unearthing and nurturing potential supermodels.

    Today, Model Factory continues to pride itself on providing long term career strategies, connecting its models with leading global luxury and fashion brands. It embraces innovative types of management that elevate our talents beyond the traditional modeling career, allowing both company and talent to become game changers in the ever-evolving marketplace.

    Model factory is your partner in the organization of your professional photo shoot with our female and male models.

    We are a young successful Model Agency with the most beautiful models. The idea to create was created in the winter of 2001 in Hong Kong. Now we have been in the Hong Kong for more than 2 years and we are organizing events, fashion shows.

    You want to make a visual advertisement for a magazine? Or simply communicate through the image of a female or male model? Contact our Model Agency to tell us about your fashion project!

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